This is an one-of-a-kind opportunity! Although we plan on having this workshop again in the future, the one-on-one consulting and mentoring that this group will get is one-off. Read below and consider joining us in making the world healthier.


  • To do the right thing and help people live healthier and better lives
  • To get differentiation, increasing your competitiveness in the market
  • To increase the value of your services
  • To become part of the healthy building consultants community, helping clients to get their projects certified
  • To broaden your vision of the future
  • To find purpose in your work
  • To focus on your clients’ health


The PRO Healthy Building Certification is awarded to those professionals who are able to combine their expertise with the Healthy Building Certification Parameters to create or maintain healthy living or working spaces.


In order to receive the PRO Certification, the professional will have to complete a theoretical and a practical written test to assess their knowledge level about how a building interacts with one´s health and well-being.


The PRO Certification is relevant for several professional areas, including, but not limited to, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, and building maintenance professionals. Medical doctors and other health practitioners may also find it useful to better understand how a building influences the health and well-being of their patients. The PRO Certification may also be suitable to those in search of a more meaningful




  1. Become familiar with the principles of Healthy Building;
  2. Analyze and understand the health and well-being worldwide trend, and how to assimilate it in one’s own services associated with buildings;
  3. Understand what the PRO Certification means in the construction business;
  4. Visualize the possibilities to add commercial value by differentiating oneself in the construction business;
  5. Understand the Healthy Building Certification mission and purpose;
  6. Know and apply both parameters and procedures to get a building or product certified.




1. Market Analysis 


  • Health and well-being market;
  • Health and well-being as a differentiation in the Construction Business;
  • Consumer behavior analysis: decision-making factors;
  • Delivering true and recognizable value. How the focus on the clients’ real needs can increase sells


2. Introduction to Healthy Building


  • Difference between Healthy and Sustainable construction;
  • Building Biology;
  • World perspective;
  • Case Studies;
  • Bibliography.


3. How to project healthy 


  • Architetonic design;
  • Lighting;
  • Acoustic quality;
  • Building materials quality;
  • Piping system and water quality;
  • Electrical project and health;
  • Indoor air quality;
  • Landscaping, plants, and common areas;
  • Sustainability;
  • Healthy Maintenance.


4. Healthy Building Certificate


  • Project Certification;
  • New Construction Certificate;
  • Professional Certification;
  • Maintenance Certification;
  • Product Certification;
  • Certification Points System;
  • Innovation;
  • Opportunities.


5. Certification Process


  • How to apply for the various Healthy Building Certifications;
  • Timeline;
  • Reviews.


6. Getting the Healthy Building Certification


  • The Certification itself;
  • Certification’s Media Kit;
  • User’s Manual;
  • Permissions and allowances;
  • Support Accreditation tools (website, social media, marketing plan);
  • Institutional partnerships.


7. Certification Exam


  • Preparation;
  • Taking the exam.


There are dozens of Healthy Building Certificate PROs now! Get to know a few of them:


ormy“Finally, a certification that takes into account the main purpose of a building: the human being. As an architect, I understand that beyond those regular responsibilities I have as a professional, such as ensuring “structural stability” of a building and keep it from falling, I must also ensure that people enjoy the space in a healthy way, making sure, to the utmost of my capabilities, that their life and well-being are protected.


The Healthy Building Certificate is beautiful and innovative, and adds a lot of good things. It is scientifically recognized and stimulates a healthier living. It also fosters a multidisciplinary work amongst various professionals and adds value to the project. As an Architect, and now as a HBC PRO, I see the Healthy Building Certificate as a recall to the main reason of an Architect to exist: Project to people!”Ormy Hütner Júnior


Marta Krepki“Being a Professional certified by the Healthy Building Institute is a gift, an opportunity to, as a civil engineer, be able to be more humane, and increase my creativity, while building spaces that are good and healthy for their occupants”. Marta Krepki



Dioméry Bobsin“The Healthy Building Certification puts us in contact with various techniques and human aspects needed to project and execute spaces aligned with our physical and psychological natures, which is our totality. This is the key to transform our building spaces into allies in promoting health and well-being.”Dioméry Bobsin





– One-on-One consulting: all participants will have one hour personal consulting time with HBC Founder Allan Lopes, on a project of their choosing.


– Certification exam test: all participants will take the exam free of charge.


– Participation in future workshops: all participants will be invited to join other workshops free of charge, both in person and online. Details will be discussed in the workshop.




AVENTURA, FL, May 5-7, 2017.


Regular Price: USD 3,500.00
For this first workshop in Aventura FL ONLY: USD 999,00





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