Technical Board

Our technical committee is composed of several professionals from different, complementary areas of knowledge. Its function is to validate the Healthy Building Certification and resolve technical issues that were not anticipated or that generate double interpretation, at the request of customers who had the certification full or partially denied.

General Coordinator:  Allan Lopes Pires. Building Biologist,  training in USA and Spain. Consultant of healthy spaces for over 15 years, with extensive experience in Sick Building Syndrome and Diseases Caused by Building. Book author: Building Biology, The Art of Well- being. Guest lecturer at several universities. Entrepreneur and founder of Healthy Building Certificate.

Project Coordinator : Carlos Joaquim Einloft. Bachelor in Business Administration, with specialization in Cooperatives (UFV). Master of Agricultural Extension (UFV).

Architecture Coordinator : André Buarque . Architect (PUC -MG). Doctorate at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura of Valladolid, Spain. Lecturer and Visiting Professor at universities such as UFMG.

Coordination of Chemical Research : Dr. Gerard M. de Lima – DPhil. Associate Professor. Department of Chemistry – UFMG ( University of Minas Gerais). Degree in Chemistry (UFMG). PhD in Chemistry – University of Sussex.

Coordination of Medical Research : Dr. Romualdo Lima. Physician. Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. Anti-Aging Medicine Specialist.

Coordination of Landscaping and phyto-remediation: Antônio Backes. Agronomist. Landscaper. Entrepreneur with experience in creating new technologies for landscaping and use of organic fertilizer.