Learn about our booklet “What is the Healthy Building Certificate”

Why live in a healthy building?

In the link below, you will find our main document, the Blue List, which is the list of indicators for the Healthy Building Certificate. Click to download.

lista azul botão

The file below contains the necessary documentation and other pertinent questions for the certification process.

The file below is one interactive illustration about the certification indicators, applied to a schematic construction.

The presentations below are ideas for a better compliance with the criteria and grounds of the certification.

bot apresentação  


The file below is a set of guiding documents to help submitting the projects for assessment in an optimized way. It contains examples of how to save the layers required to make the submission. The compressed file contains plants for a model project, and a basic file in AutoCAD (with layers already set to start the drawing). The use of the basic file is not mandatory, it is only a reference, but the sent files must be saved following the specifications of the Certificate (see above in the icon “checklist of documentation for the certification”).


The files below are the guides of values for the certification of projects and construction works, and for professional certification, respectively.


The file below is the calendar of trainings, events, and activities of Healthy Building Certificate for the year 2015 (simple list).

The link below is for the form for product certification, with the required technical data to initiate the certification process.